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Why us

The Wheeler Bailey lower risk, higher reward proposition consists of some or all of these elements:-

Cost Saving

It is widely accepted that outsourcing business functions saves cost. Our own data positions the figure at close to a 50% reduction.


Using an Outsource resource means you decide when you begin receiving the service and, importantly, when it ends. No recruitment delays and costs at the beginning, no notice periods or employment bureaucracy at the end. Contract lengths from as little as 30 days.


You determine when the service begins. Do you need an operational service beginning Monday morning? You wouldn’t be the first!


Very experienced, specialised resources for same cost or less than direct employment. Wheeler Bailey provides rapid access to specialised skills and experience that would cost significantly more through a direct employment route. Ramp up times are dramatically reduced because highly skilled resources have experienced many different environments and will quickly grasp concepts and required ways of working.

Instant infrastructure

A fully self sufficient operation consisting of the latest technology infrastructure and software applications supplied and supported as part of the service.

Why Us

Creative use of budgets

Organisation-wide headcount freezes can often fail to be in the best interest of department specific needs. Several of our clients have made use of Wheeler Bailey resources to provided highly specific, project-based resources to rapidly provide extra momentum where there is greatest need.


During a period of decreasing demand and economic recession, more companies are taking the opportunity to replace underperforming employees. Being able to quickly replace these employees with highly skilled outsourced contractors minimises disruption and will help to re energise the remaining employees.

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