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Wheeler Bailey & Company Ltd is one of Europe’s leading Outsource Services companies. We offer an alternative to directly employing staff. We have experienced greatest demand from the US technology sector although both English and European organisations are rapidly embracing the benefits available from operating an outsourced model.

The business is split into two main practices;
Outsourced Sales and Outsourced Administration.

Our mission is to provide companies with a lower risk, higher reward route to expanding sales and administration functions. We aim to significantly increase revenues for our clients and streamline their administration.

We are a highly skilled, professional company with a combined total of several hundred years worth of experience in delivering results as part of company's sales and administration functions.

About us



Since the company’s inception in 2006 we have provided services to more than a dozen companies, two of these have successfully completed trade sales. We have also been responsible for expanding European sales operations of a third company to represent nearly 20% of its worldwide revenues.

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Wheeler Bailey is the perfect solution for companies who require administrative support but may not have the physical space or regular flow of work to take on full or part time employees.

We have a pool of experienced ex-PA’s, office administrators and marketeers who have worked with companies such as Novell, IBM, CSC, Sainsbury’s, Marconi and many smaller companies such as Allen Morgan Associates, Bluhalo, PreChasm and Arrow Cleaning and Security.

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